There’s Capital. Then there’s Intellectual Capital.™

Got me the loan when no one else could. Knows I like my withdrawals in crisp $50 bills. Extended my line of credit because I landed a big order. At Fidelity Bank, it’s called Intellectual Capital. Our clients benefit from long-term relationships with bankers who have an in-depth knowledge of their business and business banking. That Intellectual Capital translates to quicker reactions to business needs, anticipating issues and providing creative financial solutions.

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Vistage 2014 Executive Summit

Fidelity Bank will be a sponsor in the upcoming Vistage Executive Summit being held at The McNamara Alumni Center at The University of Minnesota on Tuesday , September 9th. This not-to-be-missed Summit will bring together a dynamic lineup of business pioneers to help members and guests discover how innovation can help them accelerate the performance of their businesses.