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A Bank that Takes Care of Business

We're an independent, privately-owned business bank that has added value to our clients for nearly 50 years. We make decisions quickly, get things done, and have the track record to prove it.

Gain Access to Decision Makers.

Quick decision-making skills. Motivated by challenges. This is the business owner’s methodology for success. It's also how our financial experts work to support your goals. We don't have the same hang-ups as other banks, which means we can move at the speed of your business. Helping you clear hurdles is what we do best.

Bankers Who Speak Business.

You need a banking partner who gets the nuances of your business. Someone who provides solutions that help you achieve your vision. This is what we mean by Intellectual Capital. Our understanding of you and your business translates to faster turnarounds on lending decisions, and enables us to anticipate how industry shifts may affect you.

We're More Than Bankers — We're Problem Solvers.

We dig deeper with our clients. Our team puts banking terms into speak in business terms. We care about finding a solution that works 100% for you. And if that's not possible, we leverage our network. From introducing you to a local business professionals to initiating networking events, we're focused on making a difference in your business.

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