Growing Your Business Through Operational Excellence

Thank you for joining us at the Operational Excellence event!

Tom Barrett, Co-founder and President of Lean Partners, talked about the ways in which continuous improvement helps businesses engage their employees in the process, uncover inefficiencies and waste, and enact change, enabling businesses to take on opportunities for growth.

We heard from Michael Murphy, owner at Mail Handling Group, discuss the ways in which the printing industry's way of doing business is what pushed him to turn to operational excellence. He shared his past and current experiences with continuous improvement, how it has played a huge role to creating a culture of lean, transformed the way his company does business, and the various lessons learned along the way. Kelli Starkey, Senior Vice President at Fidelity Bank, shared the ways in which operational excellence have impacted an area where the key deliverable isn't a product, but a service. Driven by the Bank's mission to help business owners succeed, the lean strategy kicked off in the Mortgage Lending area, where the benefits of change had the highest potential to positively impact the clients.

We hope that by attending this event, you've gained a clearer understanding of operational excellence.

About The Speaker

Tom Barrett, Co-founder and President of Lean Partners. Tom earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. With over 20 years in implementing continuous improvement, Tom has consulted with over 100 companies from $5 Million to over $500 Million in revenue, helping business owners create an environment where continuous improvement can thrive, resulting in significant long-term process improvements that yield results.