5 Family Business Lessons Learned

Small Business Trends - Tim Berry (9/4/14)

So it’s not surprising that many business people crave the support and camaraderie that comes from making their calling into a family business. And what family business lessons have I learned? What can I share here that might help you? Let’s take a look.

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October 2015: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Swipes and Signatures, Hello to PINs

Small Business Trends - Joshua Sophy (02/11/14)

Starting October 2015, MasterCard and Visa will usher in a major change in the U.S. credit card industry. Credit cards will have microchips in them. Consumers will use PIN numbers instead of signing credit card receipts. And consumers will insert the credit card into or wave it near the card reader, instead of swiping a magnetic strip.

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And watch for additional information regarding this change to come from Fidelity Bank.

How to Persuade The Most Stubborn Buyers to Change Their Minds

Build - Ilan Mochari (08/04/14)

Tom Smith, with the help of the orange paint known as Pantone 151 C and some next-level sales skills, is challenging the traditional structure of hockey--one rink at a time.

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Study: By 2020, 78 percent of Small Businesses will Use Cloud

Small Business Trends - Joshua Sophy (08/10/14)

By the end of this decade, most small businesses in the U.S. will have adopted cloud technology.

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Build a Purposeful Business Plan with These 10 Pointers

The EarlyShareholder Blog - Madelyn Young (03/19/2014)

Creating a business plan is an important step for any young business. Since drafting a plan requires putting the goals, growth plans, and marketing strategies of the business down on paper, it forces the business owner to think through many of the elements that can make the business more investor-ready.

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How Peer Advisory Groups Inspire Leaders to Be Accountable

Entrepreneur.com - Beth Miller, Contributor (07/11/14)

Peer advisory groups, such as those operated by the Entreprenuer organization or Vistage, create an environment where individuals can find and give support, solve problems and achieve their goals among like-minded people who face similar challenges.

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5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the World Cup

Entrepreneur.com - Dan Newman, Contributor, President of Broadsuite (07/09/14)

Much like the teams, the games and the fans, there are lessons learned that can be applied to the life of an entrepreneur.

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Why Claims “Brainstorming Doesn’t Work” Are So Silly

LinkedIn/Big Ideas and Innovations - Bob Sutton, Stanford Professor and Co-author of SCALING UP EXCELLENCE (07/08/14)

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Don't Underestimate the Casual Meeting

Entrepreneur.com - Adam Callinan (07/03/14)

There are an abundance of opportunities to garner help, connections and support from many of the people around you or that you have the chance to casually meet. You just need to open your eyes and learn to step outside your comfort zone to take advantage of these opportunities.

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How to Take a Vacation From Your Small Business

Bloomberg Business Week - Karen E. Klein (06/26/14)

Here’s a sign the economy’s on a good track: More small business owners plan to take a full week off this summer than in any year since the recession began.

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3 Tips For Getting A Sale Unstuck

Inc.com - Craig Wortmann (05/22/14)

You’ve sent 10 emails, left four voicemails, camped out in your potential customer’s reception area, and still you can’t get any love. It sure seemed like you were making progress. But now everything has gone dark. Is the sale alive? Is it dead? Has the prospect moved on?
What is happening?

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13 Best Practices for Building Solid Small Business Operations

Small Business Trends - The Young Entrepreneur Council (06/16/14)

Running and scaling a business will always be challenging. But having a solid foundation of smoothly operating practices underlying your company can make it much easier.

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5 Essential Tips for Growing Your Business

Small Business Trends - Larry Kim (06/11/14)

To say that getting a business off the ground is hard work would be an understatement. Whether you’re still drafting your first business plan or recently opened your store, starting and running a business can be an exhilarating – and terrifying – experience.

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85% of Small Businesses Get Customers Through Word of Mouth

Small Business Trends - Anita Campbell (06/04/14)

Verizon, in conjunction with Small Business Trends, conducted a survey of Philadelphia small business owners in May of 2014. One of the questions was: How do your customers find out about your business?
The answer was telling – and not because it was a surprise. It was telling because it is almost exactly in alignment with a survey we conducted online here at Small Business Trends almost a decade ago.

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10 Tips for Building Stronger Networks in Work and Life

Inc.com - Deborah Peterson (05/27/14)

Most people understand that to be successful they need to network. But actually going out and doing it is another matter.

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How to find a banker who adds value to your business

Twin Cities Business Journal - Andy Birol (May 20, 2014)

Andy Birol, contributing writer at the Business Journal, gives an interesting perspective on the relationship between bankers and business owners.

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A jolt of needed confidence for Minnesota manufacturers

The Star Tribune - Editorial Board (05/19/14)

Recent rains and the forecast calling for warmer weather are hopeful signs for Minnesota agribusiness. Meanwhile, there’s another essential sector of the state’s economy showing springtime optimism — manufacturing.

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Lose Your Biggest Customer? Here Are 9 Steps to Recovery

Inc.com - Brent Gleeson (05/14/14)

No business has a perfect record when it comes to retention. Even your best customers will eventually move on at some point, and not necessarily because of a lack of performance on your end. When you come to terms with this reality, you'll be better prepared for when it happens.

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