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Scale Bank
Scale Bank is an independent, privately-owned business bank that is proud to call Minnesota home for over 50 years. Come find out why our business expertise sets us apart and helps you to do more.

Scale Bank is a bank we can count on for help and advice. The size of the bank allows for personal connections with all levels which is important to me as we are growing our business.

Brent M. Coatney
CEO, Terminal Transport, Inc.
Scale Bank

What makes Scale Bank the ultimate business bank?

We believe personal relationships still count. Doing more has always been a motto of our business owners. It is now our motto to Do More for our clients. We are proud to be a business bank in lockstep with what our clients need.

You have a direct relationship with a knowledgeable banker who understands your business and industry. We dig deep into your business to ensure our experts understand your industry and your needs, providing unique insights and speed to seize opportunities.

We aren’t just a bank. We are business experts who understand the importance of time when an opportunity arises. Clients have direct access to decision-makers so you can get things done. We are transparent, straight shooters who tell things as they are with honesty and transparency.

We have a unique experience in banking. We leverage our knowledge and a trusted network of advisors with expertise in all facets of business. We provide valuable resources and contacts for clients to do more with their business.

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Don’t just bank. Do more at Scale.
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