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Todd Talks Changes in Business and Banking

In this brief video, Todd Williams, the President of Fidelity Bank, shares insights on the dynamic nature of business and banking. As the world undergoes constant change, companies are compelled to adapt their business approaches in order to remain competitive. Fidelity Bank, in its commitment to providing exceptional products and services, endeavors to align with…

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From High-Tech to Old School, Fraud Comes in All Forms

Fidelity Bank is your partner in fraud prevention. The article was written by: Chris Funk Ransomware attacks and phishing attempts make the headlines regarding fraud, but greater public awareness of those tactics has some fraudsters returning to more analog techniques. Recently, we have seen attempted check washing (replacing the payee name after the check has…

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A Perspective on Family-Owned Businesses

Relationships + Values + Legacy: A Perspective on Family-Owned Businesses The article was written by: Ned O’Sullivan It’s hard for me to say when I first became interested in family-owned businesses, but now, particularly as a lender, I find myself drawn to the unique strengths and challenges of these types of enterprises. The stakes can…

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Get to Know Todd Williams

Todd’s video response to what it means to partner with Fidelity Bank. Fidelity Bank means more access. You have access to decision-makers and access to other businesses’ success. We know we are doing our job when our client’s business shows continuous growth. Fidelity Bank is here to serve. Todd’s History at Fidelity Bank Todd Williams…

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(Almost) Everything You Need to Know about SBA Loans

By Ann Franklin, Vice President- SBA Lending, Fidelity Bank, Minneapolis As a business owner, you know you need capital to grow, but your business may not qualify for traditional lending. SBA loans may be a great solution for your business as they typically require lower down payments and longer repayment terms. There are certain milestones…

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Congratulations, taxes are due!

By Jeff Campbell, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking, Fidelity Bank, Minneapolis Tax season rarely ranks as anyone’s favorite time of year, but for business owners, a combination of smart planning and reframing what taxes represent can help shift your perspective. After all, the higher the tax liability, typically the greater the profitability. In Simple…

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Navigating Financial Uncertainty: Advice for Business Owners

Monitor, plan, manage and adapt. Owning a business often means being Chief Problem Solver in addition to all of the other hats you wear to keep your business running. When economic conditions are changing, the number of challenges your business faces grow. We have seen this repeatedly during the COVID era with changes in workforce…

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