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Eldercare Solutions for the Silent Small Business Problem

Small Business Trends – Rieva Lesonsky (12/14/14) Chances are there’s someone on your staff who suffers excess stress as a daily reality — employees who care for elderly parents. And while eldercare has some of the same challenges as caring for children, there are some important differences. Read the Article on

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Manufacturers find their niche, in the smallest of places

MinnPost – Gregg Aamot (08/29/14) As Minnesota continues to climb out of the recession, manufacturers in this region have been good to their communities, too. Tucked into the small towns of this rolling farm country, they are doing their part to help fuel low unemployment and economic growth that has outpaced many other parts of…

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Combating Digital Fraud

American Banker – In association with Deloitte RSA (09/16/14) Digital fraud can cover both fraud carried out by customers as well as against them. Examples include Credit Card fraud that generates chargebacks, online bank attacks, attacks on point-of-sale (POS) systems, man-in-the-middle attacks on web and mobile payments, and complex frauds against e-commerce systems. Combating digital…

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5 Family Business Lessons Learned

Small Business Trends – Tim Berry (9/4/14) So it’s not surprising that many business people crave the support and camaraderie that comes from making their calling into a family business. And what family business lessons have I learned? What can I share here that might help you? Let’s take a look. Read the Article on…

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October 2015: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Swipes and Signatures, Hello to PINs

Small Business Trends – Joshua Sophy (02/11/14) Starting October 2015, MasterCard and Visa will usher in a major change in the U.S. credit card industry. Credit cards will have microchips in them. Consumers will use PIN numbers instead of signing credit card receipts. And consumers will insert the credit card into or wave it near…

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Study: By 2020, 78 percent of Small Businesses will Use Cloud

Small Business Trends – Joshua Sophy (08/10/14) By the end of this decade, most small businesses in the U.S. will have adopted cloud technology. Read the Article on

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Build a Purposeful Business Plan with These 10 Pointers

The EarlyShareholder Blog – Madelyn Young (03/19/2014) Creating a business plan is an important step for any young business. Since drafting a plan requires putting the goals, growth plans, and marketing strategies of the business down on paper, it forces the business owner to think through many of the elements that can make the business…

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