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Inspire and Retain Top Talent with Supplemental Compensation Plans

The noble goal of most business owners is to build an enterprise of enduring and transferable value. One of the most important components to achieving this goal is retaining and inspiring your key employees. You no doubt have many important employees and it would hurt to lose any of them, but there are likely a…

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Your Employees May No Longer Be Exempt from Overtime Pay Come December

UPDATE: The following blog originally appeared on August 23, 2016. For the most recent developments since that time, see the January 2017 update at the end of the article. Do you currently have employees exempt from overtime pay? On December 1, 2016, this may no longer be the case for a number of your employees. In…

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Cyber Security: Not a Set It and Forget It Practice

Security is not something you should review every now and then. It should be a regular and ongoing part of your IT planning and review, as well as your business’ strategic plan. The IT industry believes it’s not a matter of if you have a security incident, but when and how damaging it will be. It can seem like…

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Top Tips for Hiring Manufacturing Talent

Has your company lost out on great candidates to your competition? Do you have trouble attracting top talent? You are not alone! Today’s top manufacturing candidates are sophisticated buyers. A critical issue facing manufacturing companies today is the tight labor market, as companies are vying for top talent at all levels. The days where you…

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How to Persuade The Most Stubborn Buyers to Change Their Minds

Build – Ilan Mochari (08/04/14) Tom Smith, with the help of the orange paint known as Pantone 151 C and some next-level sales skills, is challenging the traditional structure of hockey–one rink at a time. Read the Article on

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The Pros and Cons of ESOPs

Intellectual Capital Connection (11/2015) Featured Author: Chris Staloch The number of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) has expanded greatly since they were formally established as qualified retirement plans in the U.S. in 1974. Read the Article in the Intellectual Capital Connection

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Vacation and Sick Leave Policies: Time for a Change?

Intellectual Capital Connection (11/2015) There are no federal requirements — yet — for employers to provide paid leave to employees. Still, many businesses offer paid vacation and sick leave as part of their benefits package, and a few states and municipalities mandate paid time off. Read the Article in the Intellectual Capital Connection

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