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Expand your capacity and your business.

Maximize tax benefits and save significant cash by financing equipment. If you are considering equipment soon to grow your business, you may be able to reduce your tax liability by taking advantage of Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation when purchasing equipment.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new equipment or upgrade your equipment, now is the best time to learn about your financing and leasing options. Fidelity Bank has years of experience and a dedicated team ready to tailor a financing solution to grow your business. Contact our team today to learn more. 

Strategic Financing:
Funding Automation on the Manufacturing Floor

Financing is often a question when it comes to increasing productivity, efficiencies, and competitiveness through equipment. Most manufacturing companies do not have the capital to spend or do not want to spend it out-of-pocket. Learn about financing options in this article initially published in Precision Manufacturing, by Mark Paetznick, Vice President, Equipment Finance and Leasing.

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Preserve your cash & operating lines of credit

Cash flow and liquidity are essential to any business. Equipment financing loans and equipment financing leases can help you preserve your cash and/or liquidity instead of tying up your working capital on equipment. With equipment financing, your working capital can then be allocated to business expenses, expansion, and other business priorities.

Equipment financing tax benefits

Equipment financing presents your business with potential tax advantages. Our team can work with you to create a custom solution based on your business, business goals, and tax needs. Our clients say that what we do best is structuring customized financing and lease options that work for their businesses.

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Equipment Financing and Leasing Services

Custom financing based on your business needs

Equipment Finance Loan

An equipment finance loan can help you acquire more, higher-end equipment that gives your business a competitive edge while not being limited to your current cash or credit line.

Capital Lease

A capital equipment lease or finance lease is treated like an asset on your company’s balance sheet. A capital lease is more like owning property where you take the depreciation.

True Lease

A true equipment lease or tax lease is a multi-year lease in which the payment terms are comparatively lower than capital leases. The lease is called “true” because the lessor claims depreciation benefits and the lessee claims the lease payments as an expense.

TRAC Lease

A TRAC lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause lease) is a tax-oriented lease of qualified motor vehicles and trailers. This structure can be very beneficial as it provides a wide variety of options to improve and better manage cash flow and tax position.

ESOP Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing for employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) run organizations is a Fidelity Bank specialty offering. Whether the company is currently an ESOP or transitioning to an ESOP, we have the expertise to assist in structuring Equipment Financing transactions to save the origanization money.

Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services are available through a partnership with a industry leader. This partnership allows us to assist companies in reducing operating costs and improving fleet efficiency. Through a complete suite of Fleet Management Solutions, Fidelity Bank is able to provide well-structured vehicle financing.

Financing becomes more valuable when the right people surround it.

Meet Mark.

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Equipment Finance and Leasing


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