Equipment Financing & Lease Services

Gain the benefits of equipment ownership and maximize your business potential. At Fidelity Bank, we understand that the right equipment can help you run your business more efficiently so you can focus on growing your business.

Benefits of Equipment Financing through Fidelity Bank

Preserve Your Cash & Operating Lines of Credit

Cash flow and liquidity are essential to any business. Instead of tying up your working capital on equipment, you can allocate it to business expenses, expansion and more. With up to 100% financing, this allows you to acquire needed equipment without a major initial cash outlay.

Tax Benefits

Equipment financing presents your business with potential tax advantages. A properly structured operating lease is 100% tax deductible if your business uses the leased equipment.

Flexible Payment Plans

Your payments are fixed and locked in for the term of the contract, thus, protecting your investment from inflation. You can also structure a payment plan that fits your business and accommodates to its unique cycles. For many business owners, predictable payment plans help improve and simplify cash forecasting and budgeting.

Purchasing Power

Short-term leases give you the ability to evaluate whether the equipment fits your needs. When your contract expires, you have the option to purchase or trade up to new equipment and continue to lease.

Keep Up with Technology

Avoiding outdated equipment by staying on top of the latest advances is often needed to grow your business. Through financing you can acquire more, higher-end equipment that gives your business a competitive edge while not being limited to your current cash or credit line.


What Sets Us Apart?

Our mission at Fidelity Bank is to help small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries gain access to the best financing terms. When you work with Fidelity Bank, you gain much more than financing. We believe in working closely with our clients to understand their business goals and identify their unique needs to find the optimal solution.

As a well-capitalized, local bank, we offer competitive rates, quick turnaround times, and flexible terms. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, acquire new equipment, or upgrade your equipment, Fidelity Bank can tailor a financing solution that works for you.

Industries & Assets

  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Printers: Production equipment, and machine tools, to handling equipment, etc.
  • Medical, Hospitals, Clinics: Lab equipment, ICU/X-ray rooms, monitoring equipment, and more
  • Construction Companies: Cranes, trucks, forklifts, loaders, bulldozers, etc.
  • Transportation: Trucks, tractors, trailers, and more
  • Technology: Mainframe, phone systems, services, computers, servers, software, hardware, etc.

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