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Warehouse Funding with a Competitive Edge

When it comes to meeting your clients’ needs, it’s your reputation on the line with each loan closing. You’re looking for warehouse funding you can count on and that makes your life easy. At Fidelity Bank, you work with a proven partner, giving you the confidence to follow through on your commitments to your clients, employees, and business partners.

Maintain your efficiency through our seamless and transparent process with real-time, easy-to- use systems. With Fidelity, you gain access to our dedicated, friendly, and responsive team—a team with an intimate understanding of the industry in which you operate, the clients you serve, and the unique needs you have.

This deeper industry knowledge and relationship with your business means we can be more flexible and act more quickly. We are open to hearing your ideas and requests, and can easily provide additional financing to meet your needs and assist with issues as they arise. When you work with us, you gain a proven partner that takes an entrepreneurial approach to solve problems and create solutions that work for your business.

We have assisted clients as they’ve made the transition along the entire spectrum of their lifecycle: from ‘Best Effort’ to ‘Mandatory Delivery,’ to obtaining agency approvals, to setting up servicing and securitizing loans.

You can trust in Fidelity Bank’s concrete reputation and over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry. We’ve proven our financial stability in any economy, and we are committed to excellence in a rapidly changing industry.

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